Journey of Transformation 有限者的覺悟

我如今所知道的有限,到那時就全知道,如同主知道我一樣 ~林前13。

Love Our Neighbors

Posted by Joyce Chen 許陳 明正 on July 7, 2006

I have been reading my Systematic Theology these few days.
And it amazes me that how interesting it can be when one reads not for exams!

I spent hours on the subject of immenance of God.
What touches my heart deeply is the fact that God is genuinely present within everyone.
Therefore, we are not to treat anyone disrespectfully.
When we love those around us, whose life that God created, dwells and works within, we are showing our love toward God. (Mat 25)

It is fine to love those who love us, but how about those who hurt us?
I am reminded by the Lord that He loves me not because I deserve His love, but because He wills to love me no matter what.
Here goes my excuses for not loving others.
None of us deserves to be loved by God, yet, he loves us so much that he gives his own life for us.
How much more we are to love those around us whose lives God already died for.



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