Journey of Transformation 有限者的覺悟

我如今所知道的有限,到那時就全知道,如同主知道我一樣 ~林前13。

Bread of Life (1)

Posted by Joyce Chen 許陳 明正 on August 3, 2006

the soul will never eat Bread of Life until he has ceased to attempt to fill himself with the husks of his own doings, or with any provision this world can furnish.
Charles G. Finney


2 Responses to “Bread of Life (1)”

  1. Anonymous said

    It is mostly His mercy and grace that leads us to take the Bread of Life, bits and pices, until one day all of a sudden, we realize the Bread of Life has become an integral part of us and can’t live without…..

  2. ejoytotheworld said

    I couldn’t agree more!
    It is absolutely only God’s mercy and grace that leads us to take the Bread of Life. As Jesus said at John 15:5 “apart from Me you can do nothing.”
    On the other hand, upon receiving the grace and mercy from God, one has to realize and make a choice that Jesus is the only Bread of Life that one will take for their life, and no others. Since Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. And looking back in the history of Israel in the OT, some of the Israelites apparently did not do so, and end up worshipping idols.
    I think, generally, that is what Charles Finny meant.
    Would you please let me know who you are, since I really think you made a wonderful remark to remind readers, and I would really like to know you.


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