Journey of Transformation 有限者的覺悟

我如今所知道的有限,到那時就全知道,如同主知道我一樣 ~林前13。

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    September 2006
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My Journal (11/3/05)

Posted by Joyce Chen 許陳 明正 on September 15, 2006

According to Romans 3:10, “there is none righteous, no, not one.”
Even after one got converted due to the grace of God, in reality, a Christian still commits sins here and there—a sinner covered by the grace of God.
To follow after anyone in this world is taking the chance of following an imperfect soul and model.
What a comfort to know that it is possible to follow Christ, the PERFECT ONE, and we are called to follow Him.
Philippians 2:5-11 has been a passage that sustained me through the darkest moments of my life. Today, the light shines on me again.
Oh, Lord, I am so grateful for your steadfast love.

I am to strive emulating the attitude and actions of servanthood that marked the character and conduct of Christ.
The life of Christ shows that the way up is by stepping down, the way to gain for oneself is by giving up oneself, the way to life is by death, and the way to win the praise of God is by steadfastly serving others.
In His humility, Jesus did what He asked others to do.

What a good reminder for me—doing before teaching; one must do the law before one has the right to teach the law—when I am so close to finishing my study in the seminary, and ready to hop unto a train of ministry which is another stage of my journey.


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