Journey of Transformation 有限者的覺悟

我如今所知道的有限,到那時就全知道,如同主知道我一樣 ~林前13。

[A Step Further] Trials (3)

Posted by Joyce Chen 許陳 明正 on July 18, 2008

One of the best things we can do for our brothers and sisters in Christ is to gain victory in our own trials….First Corinthians 12 says that together we Christians are like a human body,…Ephesians 4:16 tell us that we Christians affect one another spiritually by what we are and do individually.  No organ in a body can act without affecting all the rest….Your failures, are my failures, and your victories, mine….Therefore, if we care anything about Christ — the head of the body — and other Christians — the rest of the body — we must face our problems with them in mind….Our sufferings, far from giving us a license for self-pity, give us an excellent opportunity to teach and build up others….We are onstage.  Others are watching.  We can do our part well, building up the entire audience.  Or we can ad-lib by acting out our own bitter feelings and bring dishonor to the Playwright.  The choice is ours.  ~~Joni Eareckson Tada


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